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About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide the residents and businesses of Georgetown with top-quality fencing solutions that enhance security, aesthetics, and functionality. Apex Fencing believe that a well-crafted fence not only adds value to your property but also brings peace of mind. Our dedication to craftsmanship, integrity, and customer-focused service sets us apart.

We take immense pride in leading a team that’s dedicated to delivering the finest fencing services in Georgetown, TX. Fencing isn’t just a job for us; it’s a passion. We believe that every property deserves a fence that not only defines its boundaries but also adds to its charm. Our commitment to quality, from the materials we use to the skills of our team, ensures that your fencing project exceeds your expectations.

– Brian McWherter / Katie


Our Happy Customers

Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about Apex Fencing:

Nancy Tincher
Nancy Tincher
I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and quality of the fence installed.
Sam Garcia
Sam Garcia
Apex Fencing helped us solve an existing issue with our fence. We had previously used another company to build a wooden split rail fence in our back yard and it was not built properly. After going back and forth with the company on getting them to deliver what they promised, we called Apex Fencing for an estimate of the work. Brian came out and gave us a proper assessment on the work that had been done and he gave incredibly helpful advice on how to proceed in fixing the situation. If you need a fence, use Apex Fencing. They are responsive, professional, friendly, and know what they are doing. We will be going to them first for future fencing projects.
Chris Loken
Chris Loken
Brian and Katie run a great business. Up front and honest with the cost and timeframe to be complete. 100% able to answer any question you may have. Would absolutely recommend for any fencing needs.
Tanya Gunther
Tanya Gunther
Great company and probably the best customer service I have experienced in a long time - hard to come by these days. Communication was great and they were extremely efficient. Price was good in comparison to other quotes that I received. Would highly recommend APEX.
Veronica Jacobsen
Veronica Jacobsen
Excellent experience getting our cedar fencing! Apex actually answers their calls, returns messages and is on time. They finished the job quickly& beautifully. Area was cleaned up, you couldn't even tell they'd been here, except for the exquisite fencing. Their estimate was fair and even below some others. We will definitely be using them again! Highly recommend!!
Nichole Maddrey
Nichole Maddrey
Apex fencing went above and beyond our expectations! Both Brian and Katie made the process super easy. Katie submitted the HOA documentation and permit for us. They both stayed in contact with us through the entire process with updates. Thank you so much we love our new fence!
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Explore some of our recent fencing projects that showcase our expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding results.

Why Choose Us
Expertise You Can Trust

With years of experience in the fencing industry, our team at Apex Fencing of Temple Tx brings unmatched expertise to every project. From residential to commercial fencing, we have the know-how to deliver results that stand the test of time.

Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed

We take pride in our commitment to using premium materials and employing skilled professionals. This dedication to quality craftsmanship ensures that your fence not only looks stunning but also serves its purpose effectively, whether it's for security, privacy, or aesthetic enhancement.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Apex Fencing, your satisfaction is our priority. We believe in transparent communication, adhering to timelines, and delivering on our promises. Your needs and preferences are at the forefront of every project, ensuring that your fencing experience with us is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Services We Offer

Semi Privacy Wood Fence installation

When it comes to Wood Fence Installation, our expertise shines through. We understand that the beauty of a wooden fence lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its ability to provide privacy and security. Many homeowners in Georgetown, TX face the challenge of finding a reliable wood fence installer who can ensure both durability and charm. Our solution? Impeccable craftsmanship that not only enhances your property but also stands strong against the Texas elements.

Aluminum Fence Installation is all about striking the right balance between security and elegance. At Apex Fencing, we excel in this field. Many Georgetown residents want the protection of a sturdy fence without sacrificing the visual appeal of their property. Our solution? Expertise in aluminum fencing that combines strength with style, ensuring your home or business not only looks great but also stays secure.

Aluminum Fence Installation
Chain Link Fence installation

Chain Link Fence Installation is the choice for those who seek cost-effective durability. Georgetown property owners often struggle with finding a reliable fencing option that offers longevity and security. Our solution? Our skilled team excels in chain link fence installation, providing a budget-friendly yet robust solution for residential and commercial properties alike.

Vinyl Fence Installation addresses the desire for low-maintenance elegance. Many homeowners in Georgetown, TX are looking for fencing that combines visual appeal with minimal upkeep. Our solution? Our expertise in vinyl fence installation offers a stylish and hassle-free option that requires no painting or staining, allowing you to enjoy your fence without the maintenance headaches.

Vinyl Fence Installation
Privacy Wood Fence Installation

Privacy Fence Installation is all about creating a haven within your property. Residents in Georgetown often seek refuge from prying eyes and unwanted noise. Our solution? We specialize in crafting privacy fences that provide peace of mind, keeping your space secluded and serene, so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

Fences can face wear and tear over time, and that’s where our Fence Repair expertise comes into play. Many Georgetown residents encounter the challenge of finding prompt and reliable fence repair services. Our solution? We’re here to fix common issues and restore the reliability of your fence, ensuring it stands strong for years to come.

fence installation
Wood Fence Gate

Gate Repair is crucial for maintaining security and convenience. Customers often deal with malfunctioning gates that compromise their property’s safety. Our solution? Our skilled technicians are well-versed in gate repair, ensuring your entrance remains secure, functional, and convenient for your daily needs.

Check out all our projects for our stunning fence designs.
Our Process
Consultation and Planning

Our three-step process begins with a comprehensive consultation and planning phase. We believe in turning your vision into a well-structured blueprint. During this stage, we listen to your ideas, assess your property, and offer expert guidance to ensure that your fence project aligns perfectly with your needs and the Georgetown, TX environment.

Expert Installation and Craftsmanship

With your approval, we move on to the second phase: expert installation and craftsmanship. This is where the magic happens. Our skilled team, equipped with years of experience, transforms the blueprints into a stunning and functional fence. Whether it's wood, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, or privacy fencing, we take pride in delivering unmatched quality and craftsmanship.

Quality Assurance and Satisfaction

In the final step of our process, we ensure your peace of mind through quality assurance and your utmost satisfaction. We conduct thorough inspections to verify that your fence meets our high standards and, more importantly, your expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we don't consider the job complete until you're delighted with the result.


At Apex Fencing of Temple Tx, we offer a wide range of fencing materials, including wood, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, and more. We’ll help you choose the material that best suits your needs and preferences.

The timeline for fence installation can vary depending on factors like the size of the project and the type of material used. However, we work efficiently to complete most residential installations within a few days. For a more accurate estimate, please contact us for a personalized consultation.

Yes, we do. Our team specializes in fence repair and maintenance. Whether it’s fixing a damaged section, replacing weathered components, or performing routine upkeep, we ensure your fence remains in top condition.

Absolutely! We understand that every property is unique. Our design and installation process allows for customization to meet your specific needs, ensuring your fence complements your property’s aesthetics and functional requirements.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to provide fence installation services in Georgetown and the surrounding areas. You can trust our team to deliver professional and reliable services while prioritizing safety and compliance.

Discover Georgetown, TX: Where Apex Fencing Thrives

Nestled in the heart of Georgetown, TX, Apex Fencing of Temple Tx finds its roots in a city steeped in history and charm. This thriving community serves as the ideal backdrop for our Fence Contractor services, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Here’s why Georgetown’s unique character makes it the perfect place for us to flourish.
A Glimpse into Georgetown’s Rich History
Georgetown boasts a fascinating history dating back to the 1800s, with its picturesque Downtown Square and historic architecture preserving the spirit of a bygone era. As we serve this historic city, we draw inspiration from its timeless elegance, reflecting it in every fence we build.
Top Sights and Local Landmarks
Georgetown is dotted with top-notch attractions, from the graceful architecture of the Williamson County Courthouse to the serene beauty of Blue Hole Park. As we craft fences in this vibrant city, we aim to enhance the aesthetics of its landmarks, contributing to its allure.
Coordinates and Population
Located at 30.6328° N latitude and 97.6772° W longitude, Georgetown’s thriving community has a population of over 79,000 residents. We are proud to serve this growing city and its diverse needs.
Compliant and Eco-Friendly
Our commitment to compliance with local regulations and sustainable practices sets us apart. We use recycled materials and employ eco-conscious construction methods, aligning with Georgetown’s eco-conscious community values.
Neighborhoods We Serve
From the historic homes in Old Town to the modern developments in Sun City, Apex Fencing caters to the unique needs of every Georgetown neighborhood. We understand the local nuances and deliver tailored solutions.
Experience Apex Fencing’s Excellence
We invite you to engage with Apex Fencing of Temple Tx and experience our tailored Fence Contractor services. Let us enhance your property in the context of Georgetown’s rich history and vibrant present. Your vision, our craftsmanship – together, we make Georgetown even more beautiful. Contact us today to get started.

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About Georgetown, TX

Georgetown is a city in and the county seat of Williamson County, Texas, United States, with a population of 47,400 at the 2010 census and a population of 70,685 at the 2017 Census estimate. Georgetown is the 7th fastest growing city in the U.S as of May 14 2019. It is 30 miles (48 km) from Austin. Southwestern University, the oldest university in Texas, founded in 1840, is located in Georgetown about one-half mile from the historic square. Sun City Texas is a large retirement-oriented and age-restricted development that constitutes more than one-third of Georgetown’s population.

Neighborhoods in Georgetown, TX

Berry Creek, Pecan Hills, Stoney Brook

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