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Apex Fencing provides top-notch fencing solutions in Liberty, NC. Trust our expertise for unmatched quality, durability, and beauty, ensuring your property stands out and stays secure.

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At Apex Fencing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional fencing solutions to the Liberty, NC community. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to enhancing the beauty, security, and privacy of your property with custom-designed fences tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee a seamless process from consultation to installation.

“At Apex Fencing, our mission is to provide our customers with unparalleled fencing solutions that combine durability, aesthetics, and functionality. We believe in the power of a well-crafted fence to not only secure your property but also to add value and charm to your home. Our dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction drives us to exceed expectations on every project. Choose Apex Fencing for a reliable and professional service that truly cares about your needs.”

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hear from satisfied clients who’ve experienced the Apex Fencing difference.

Nancy Tincher
Nancy Tincher
I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and quality of the fence installed.
Sam Garcia
Sam Garcia
Apex Fencing helped us solve an existing issue with our fence. We had previously used another company to build a wooden split rail fence in our back yard and it was not built properly. After going back and forth with the company on getting them to deliver what they promised, we called Apex Fencing for an estimate of the work. Brian came out and gave us a proper assessment on the work that had been done and he gave incredibly helpful advice on how to proceed in fixing the situation. If you need a fence, use Apex Fencing. They are responsive, professional, friendly, and know what they are doing. We will be going to them first for future fencing projects.
Chris Loken
Chris Loken
Brian and Katie run a great business. Up front and honest with the cost and timeframe to be complete. 100% able to answer any question you may have. Would absolutely recommend for any fencing needs.
Tanya Gunther
Tanya Gunther
Great company and probably the best customer service I have experienced in a long time - hard to come by these days. Communication was great and they were extremely efficient. Price was good in comparison to other quotes that I received. Would highly recommend APEX.
Veronica Jacobsen
Veronica Jacobsen
Excellent experience getting our cedar fencing! Apex actually answers their calls, returns messages and is on time. They finished the job quickly& beautifully. Area was cleaned up, you couldn't even tell they'd been here, except for the exquisite fencing. Their estimate was fair and even below some others. We will definitely be using them again! Highly recommend!!
Nichole Maddrey
Nichole Maddrey
Apex fencing went above and beyond our expectations! Both Brian and Katie made the process super easy. Katie submitted the HOA documentation and permit for us. They both stayed in contact with us through the entire process with updates. Thank you so much we love our new fence!
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Expert Craftsmanship

Our skilled team brings years of experience to every project, ensuring precision and quality in every fence we build.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the finest materials to guarantee durability and longevity, providing you with a fence that stands the test of time.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver a fencing solution that exceeds your expectations.

Premier Fencing Solutions in Liberty, NC

Our top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship are guaranteed to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal while providing maximum security. Trust us to deliver a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations. 🛡️

Semi Privacy Wood Fence installation

Are you looking for a natural and elegant fence to complement your property? Apex Fencing’s wood fence installation service in Liberty, NC, offers the perfect blend of beauty and durability. Our expert team is skilled in selecting the finest wood materials and using advanced installation techniques to ensure a long-lasting and attractive fence. A common challenge homeowners face is the susceptibility of wood to weathering and pests. Apex Fencing addresses this by applying high-quality sealants and treatments, enhancing the wood’s resilience. Our locally tailored service ensures your wood fence not only enhances your home’s aesthetics but also withstands Liberty’s specific climate conditions.

Do you need a cost-effective and secure fencing solution for your property? Apex Fencing specializes in chain-link fence installation in Liberty, NC, providing robust and versatile fencing options ideal for both residential and commercial needs. A frequent issue with chain-link fences is their potential lack of visual appeal. However, our team ensures a professional and neat installation, often incorporating vinyl coatings to improve aesthetics and longevity. By choosing Apex Fencing, you receive a secure, low-maintenance fence that effectively delineates boundaries and withstands the elements, all while benefiting from our expertise and local presence in Liberty.

Chain Link Fence installation
Aluminum Fence Installation

Are you searching for a stylish and maintenance-free fencing solution? Apex Fencing’s aluminum fence installation in Liberty, NC, delivers an elegant and rust-resistant option perfect for enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Many homeowners struggle with fences that deteriorate or require frequent upkeep. Our aluminum fences are powder-coated to resist corrosion and retain their sleek appearance over time. Apex Fencing ensures precise and sturdy installations, offering various design options to match your aesthetic preferences. Trust our local team to provide a durable, attractive fencing solution that suits the unique needs of Liberty residents.

Are you concerned about fencing materials that require constant upkeep? Apex Fencing’s vinyl fence installation in Liberty, NC, provides a low-maintenance and highly durable solution that looks great year-round. Vinyl fencing is known for its resistance to weathering, rotting, and pests, making it a popular choice among homeowners. Some people worry about the initial cost, but our efficient installation process and the long-term savings on maintenance make it a worthwhile investment. With a range of styles and colors, Apex Fencing ensures your vinyl fence is tailored to your taste and needs, enhancing your property with a clean, polished look.

Vinyl Fence Installation
Privacy fence

Are you seeking more privacy and security for your home? Apex Fencing’s privacy fence installation in Liberty, NC, is designed to create a secluded and secure environment for your property. Privacy fences are essential for reducing noise, enhancing security, and increasing property value. Homeowners often face the challenge of finding a fence that offers both privacy and aesthetic appeal. Our team uses high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to build privacy fences that meet your specific requirements, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your landscape. Rely on our local expertise to provide a private oasis tailored to the Liberty community.

Is your business in need of a reliable and secure fencing solution? Apex Fencing’s commercial fencing services in Liberty, NC, cater to businesses seeking robust security and professional appearance. Commercial properties often require durable fences that can withstand high traffic and provide safety. We offer a range of materials, from chain-link to ornamental steel, ensuring your fence meets both functional and aesthetic standards. Apex Fencing understands the unique challenges of commercial properties and delivers tailored solutions that enhance security while maintaining a professional look, all with a commitment to serving the Liberty business community.

Vinyl Fence Installation
Semi Privacy Wood Fence installation

Do you need a unique and functional gate to complement your fence? Apex Fencing specializes in custom gates in Liberty, NC, offering personalized designs that enhance both security and curb appeal. Customers often struggle with standard gates that don’t meet their specific needs or aesthetic preferences. Our custom gate solutions address this by providing tailored designs, whether you need automated entry systems, decorative elements, or robust security features. With Apex Fencing, you get a gate that perfectly matches your property’s style and function, backed by our expertise and dedication to quality in the Liberty area.

Is your fence damaged or in need of maintenance? Apex Fencing’s fence repair services in Liberty, NC, are designed to restore the integrity and appearance of your fencing. Fences can suffer from weather damage, wear and tear, and accidental impacts, compromising their functionality and aesthetics. Our skilled repair team quickly assesses the damage and implements effective solutions, from replacing damaged sections to reinforcing weakened structures. By choosing Apex Fencing, you ensure your fence is restored to its original condition, maintaining the security and beauty of your property, with the assurance of our local expertise in Liberty.

Privacy Wood Fence Installation In Belton, TX
Custom wood fence installation

Is your gate malfunctioning or worn out? Apex Fencing’s gate repair services in Liberty, NC, ensure your gate operates smoothly and reliably. Gates can face issues like misalignment, rust, and mechanical failure, hindering access and security. Our experienced technicians diagnose and fix these problems efficiently, whether it’s a simple adjustment or a complete hardware replacement. Trust Apex Fencing to restore your gate’s functionality and appearance, providing seamless access and enhanced security for your property, all with the convenience of our prompt and professional service in the Liberty area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We install a variety of fences including wood, chain-link, aluminum, vinyl, privacy fences, and more to suit different needs and preferences.

Installation time varies based on the fence type and project size, but most installations are completed within a few days to a week.

Yes, we offer warranties on our materials and workmanship to ensure your fence remains durable and beautiful for years to come.

Absolutely! We specialize in creating custom gates that match your fence style and meet your specific security and aesthetic requirements.

Apex Fencing
Trusted Fence Contractor in Liberty, NC
Liberty, NC (Population: 2,651, Coordinates: 35.8532° N, 79.5728° W) is home to Apex Fencing, your trusted local expert in fencing solutions. We take pride in offering a variety of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our community.
At Apex Fencing, our wood fence installations combine natural beauty with durability, perfect for enhancing any property. Our chain-link fences offer a secure, cost-effective option for both residential and commercial needs, while our aluminum fences provide a stylish, maintenance-free solution that adds curb appeal.
For those seeking a low-maintenance, durable option, our vinyl fences are an excellent choice. We also specialize in privacy fences, designed to create a secluded, secure environment for your home. Our commercial fencing services ensure robust security for businesses, and our custom gates add both functionality and aesthetic value.
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About Liberty, NC

Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, the charming town of Liberty brims with opportunities for businesses like Apex Fencing. With a deep understanding of the local market, we proudly serve our Liberty NC customers, offering customized fencing solutions that align with the geo-weather patterns of this area at 35.8535° N, 79.5717° W.

Rich in history and cultural landmarks, Liberty NC boasts numerous attractions. Be it the grandeur of Liberty Town Hall, the serenity of Liberty Park, Randolph Hospital’s medical excellence, the hospitality of Quaker Lake Camp or exploring Freedom’s Path in downtown, Liberty encapsulates a quintessential Southern charm.

Liberty NC, with a population of approximately 2,656, provides an ideal landscape for outer boundary creation. Recognizing the unique climate of this region, Apex Fencing tailors its service offerings to withstand the local weather’s rigors, ensuring your fences stand strong, season after season.

Our enterprise also aligns with Liberty NC’s local regulations, assuring compliance in our operations. Be it the vibrant heart of Harvey Road, the quaint beauty of Coble Mill Road, or the bustling lane of E Swannanoa Avenue, we cater to all corners of Liberty NC. Our services also extend to Alston Avenue and Liberty Oak Street, offering customized fencing solutions that meet individual neighborhood needs.

We take immense pride in prioritizing environmentally responsible practices. Apex employs sustainable building techniques and uses recycled materials to contribute positively to Liberty NC’s eco-conscious community.

Experience the Apex Fencing difference today! Harness the beauty and security of our tailor-made fencing solutions and contribute to our shared vision for a resilient, secure, and eco-friendly Liberty NC.

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