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What is the Right Fencing Choice for Bad Weather Conditions?

Well, North Carolina has been hit by 83 tropical hurricanes and storms from 1851 to 2018. So the chances of a hurricane hitting again cannot be ruled out absolutely. In such scenarios, if your office or house is located in an area that is prone to heavy thunderstorm or windstorms then it is very significant to consider the options given below.

Chain Link

This is a type of fencing that is designed in a way that allows wind to flow through it without offering any barrier. In other words, when the wind is blowing at a great force then the fence design will stay upright without suffering any kind of damage. Also, the strength and sturdiness of the fence remain uncompromised.


Just like a chain link, steel fencing installation also offers the wind to flow freely without facing any obstruction. The reason is that the pickets are separated which does not allow obstructing the force of the wind. Steel fencing is also used in commercial spaces to create boundaries between properties. It is because of this reason the demand for commercial fence installation is very high.

PVC Vinyl

If you are searching for something that will be able to withstand the power of windstorm then PVC vinyl is the right choice for your need. The walls of vinyl fencing are very sturdy and strong wind does not have any effect on it. That is why most fence company in North Carolina trust PVC vinyl for its strength and durability.

Ensuring Reliability in Rainy Seasons

PVC vinyl fencing installation is a perfect choice, especially for areas that experience a good amount of rainfall. Furthermore, this fencing type is preferred because it does not develop mold or catch rust or warp for frequent exposure to moisture or water. Moreover, Apex Fencing uses quality vinyl fencing that has impact modifiers to ensure the strength of the fence in the occasion of a forceful blow. It has got titanium dioxide to avoid fading as well as the thickness of the wall which offers strength and support to the entire fence at the same time.

Stay Firm in Freezing Temperatures

Cold temperature is another weather condition that is significant to take into account when choosing this type fencing around your house or commercial space. Today, there are different fencing material to withstand harsh cold temperatures that lead to expansion and contraction of the ground because it freezes and thaws in the winter season.

People who live in places where the temperature drops dramatically should go for wooden fencing along with metal posts for ensuring the durability of the fence for many years. The reason behind installing a wooden fence with metal posts is that it prevents swelling in the posts because of exposure to water. Also, it serves as an anchor for the entire fence around the property.

You could also go with steel fencing because they are resilient and beautiful at the same time. Besides they are a good alternative to iron fencing as it can withstand any kind of harsh weather conditions easily.