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What Causes Rot in Wood Fence and How To Prevent It?

Have you got your property fenced newly? Be it a new vinyl, aluminium or wood fence, adding a fence can instantly enhance the entire look of your property. Besides, adding aesthetic appeal, they are a great way to protect your home from theft and unwanted intrusion.

When you wish to install a fence in your property, no matter what the purpose, you know that fencing contractors in Greensboro, NC are expert to make your job easy. But what about the aftercare? Have you thought about it yet? If you have added a wood fence, you might want to know the downside of this kind of fence.

So what happens to the wood fence? Fences that are made out of wood are more prone to get rotted. Basically, rot is a typical fungal disease believed to have a negative impact on the wood fences. In-depth knowledge about rot can assist you to figure out the causes behind rot and how to prevent it.

What is Wet Rot?    

Wet rot is caused due to extreme exposure to moisture. In fact, it happens when the moisture content of wood reaches 50%. A fungal species called C. Puteana is known to be the most common source of rot. However, there are other varieties of fungi can also result in the same issue with your wood fence.

Symptoms of Wet Rot

  • There is a range of symptoms of wet rot that you can figure out just seeing in the first place:
  • There is a damp and musty smell near your fence
  • Clear signs of growing fungus on the surface of your wood fence
  • Certain areas of the wood fence look darker
  • The existence of damaged fence posts
  • A flaky area on the painted surface

When wet rot damages a wood fence, it gets dried out and can lead to crumbling or cracking even under a little pressure.

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot in a wood fence can be a cause due to the growth of certain fungi species that need very little moisture. This type of rot is also known as brown rot.

Symptoms of Dry Rot

  • Wood fence with an unusual brown color
  • Crumbling wood
  • The obvious signs of fungal fruiting bodies looking like a mushroom
  • Deeply cracked wood in a grain shape
  • Gray strands resembling like a spider web

Preventing Rot

Use rot-resistant wood to prevent rotting. Hardwood like redwood, oak, cypress or cedarwood would be a great choice.

Pressure-treated wood is another choice to prevent rotting. In such kind of wood, there is chemically induced to the interior of the wood, which is detrimental to fungi, which contributes to rot prevention.

Choosing The Right Fence Contractor

Maintaining a fence to keep them clean is every homeowner’s primary responsibility.

For this, what is a better way than seeking professional assistance provided by a reputed fencing company? Apex Fencing is one of the reputed names in the fencing industry that thrives to help you attain fencing goals.

We suggest you the best advice and ways to maintain a well-cleaned fence to make your property look its best.