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Here Is How to Know When Your Wood Fence Needs A Replacement

Have you installed wood fence to your property recently? Wooden fences need regular upkeep and significant effort to maintain the look as the material, wood, is not meant to last for a long time.

If you have noticed your wood fence to be rotting or falling down, it is time for a repair and might need a fence replacement in North Carolina.

How to determine whether the fence needs a repair or a complete replacement depends on some important factors. Those factors go into the decision of either repairing or completely replacing a wood fence. What are they?

  • The use of the fence
  • Fence location
  • The age of your fence
  • The composition of the material

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When to Repair a Wood Fence?

In case, your wood fence is newly built and you want to prevent it from being rotted, you can consider sealing it routinely in order to keep it from decay. It is necessary if your house is in a tropical climate. Whenever you notice water soaking to the wood, seal the fence to prevent rotting.

Now if you are still confused about when it is the right time to repair the wood fence, here is a good idea. Run a thorough test to know the root cause of rot. If you notice unusual cracking or crumbling or gray areas on the surface of the wood, you would know these are the obvious signs of rotting.

A sudden discoloration, warping, splintering or leaning are some of the significant symptoms that your wood fence requires a repair.

At first, what will be the best to do is checking the warranty terms that you know whether or not the wood fence damage is covered. if it has expired the date, then probably it is time for a repair from a professional fence repair company.

When Should You Consider a Replacement?

The fence is the first thing to notice by passers-by. Whether you are selling your house, or you want to add a fence for privacy, a damaged fence is not something that creates a good impression on people’s minds.

You can consider a complete replacement of your wood fence:

  • If the wood fence has been ignored over a significant period of time, sure the damage is deep and substantial. When the rot has reached in more than a quarter of the strands, better it is for you to consider a replacement.
  • If the fence is damaged due to the growth of termites or similar insect pests
  • If it has been hit by a heavier object

To Conclude

Most homeowners get sick of following routine maintenance, and do not like to pay additional costs for repairing or replacing. If you are the one with the same issues, why not consider wood alternatives for your fence?

Alternatives to wood can be composite or vinyl fencing. Such materials are designed to look like wood, saving you a fortune in repairing the damaged one. Yet these materials cost much higher than a non-fancy wood material, however, in the long run, you would be benefited by them.

Apex Fencing is one of the reputed fence installation companies that you can consider hiring for installing a new fence to your house.