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Everything You Want to Know About Picket Fences

White picket fences look iconic. A majority of homeowners love to decorate their houses with white fences to bring that cosy and comfortable look.

When it comes to the aesthetics of a property, picket fences do not fail to bring that curb appeal in landscapes. Although picket fences offer less privacy and owners who are least concerned about it, and only want to increase the value of the house, prefer it mostly. In case you are thinking of installing a picket fence, there are proficient fencing contractors in Greensboro, NC who are dedicated to offering you what you want.

The History Behind Picket Fences

Picket fences came in the picture since colonial times, when residential houses used to have dooryard gardens.

Those gardens were meant to stock household items such as medicinal herbs or veggies. This is why families needed to install a fence for keeping the livestock safe, and children stay safe in.

These fences were made simple. As per the color of the fence concerned, picket fences are white because colonial people used to preserve the wood by coloring them with the mixture of water and lime.

With time, these fences have evolved to become more attractive although keeping their look natural.

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Materials Used

The sole material to make a picket fence is wood. These come prefabricated, which is why you can pick the style you want.

Wooden fences need maintenance, and you have the scope to make pickets with hardwoods like cedar. These materials are less prone to rot, hence ask for less maintenance.

In case you are not good at maintenance, vinyl fencing can be a portion for you.


Picket fences consist of posts linked together in rails. Pickets are either rounded or pointed.

There is a style of this fencing that features a bead under the Windsor point. Other style Victorian pickets mimic stairway balusters.

You can customize the color of the fencing too. According to the landscape, you can play with different colors like green or maybe brown. You can even paint your fencing using bold colors such as blue or purple.

Installing Picket Fences to Your Property

Maybe you are not sure of the style option, you will be surprised to know how easy choosing a picket fencing style is.

With plenty of style options, you can pick any one according to the choice. Adding any style of picket fencing can complement the aesthetics of a house.

However, if you are going to plant trees directly to the wooden fences, it is important for you to know that wooden fencing gets rotten in the presence of moisture.

If planting is something you want to stick to, make sure that there is a minimum space left between the fences and the area where you will plant trees.

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